Don't create content before you answer these 8 questions.


That's right. Stop now if you intend to embark on a content creation exercise with no understanding of why you're doing it.

'Seems like a good idea, or 'my boss thinks we need to be doing it' or everyone else is doing it' are not good reasons.

Take a breath. Slow down, and answer these eight questions before you do anything:

  1. What’s your objective? Why are you producing the content? Be very clear. Ask why until you can't ask why anymore.         
  2. What's the main point you want to make? Make sure you know what it is overall and what it is for each piece of content you create.           
  3. Who specifically do you want to read, hear or see it? Be clear and tailor that content to them only. Keep your audience top of mind and imagine them in front of you.       
  4. What format do  you want your content appear in/or as? For example, blog post, article in newsletter, a video, webinar, an event, etc……
  5. Can you also take your material above and turn it into a variety of other formats? That is, stretch it across a variety of mediums? Make it work hard to make your effort worthwhile.
  6. How will you share it? Think about your internal and external channels (social media, newsletters, events, etc...) and use all of them.        
  7. Is this a one hit wonder or can you commit to a plan to regularly produce content? Decide on a timetable and stick to it. Your audience loves consistency. You'll get better at it the more regular you are too.
  8. How are you going to measure the result? Work out what you're expecting and track your content against this. Your measurement needs to relate to your objective otherwise it doesn't count. Don't measure statistics that have no relevance or you'll be distracted .

Oh, one more bonus question for you - did I miss anything?                    







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