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When you come across a quote or saying that seems to be everywhere it's easy to think there's no point in sharing it because everyone's likely seen or heard it before. However, I'm not sure who 'everyone' is.

If that's really the case and everyone has seen it, that's pretty effective communication. In a marketing sense, when you try to appeal to everyone you in fact reach no one. So in that spirit, I want to share this poem, by poet unknown, that I've noticed is out 'there' already. I share it not for everyone but for the people who will come to this blog and could use a reminder that you are like a fine apple. Yes, you will always be fine apple so long as you avoid being a second rate banana. Second rate bananas tend to ripen too quickly anyway. 

If that's all too fruity for you, just read on......

On Being Yourself

You must learn that you cannot be loved by all people.

You can be the finest apple in the world – ripe, juicy, sweet

succulent and offer yourself to all.

But you must remember that there will always be people who

don’t like apples.

You must understand that if you are the world’s finest apple and

someone you love doesn’t like apples,

you have the choice of becoming a banana.

But, you must be warned that if you

choose to become a banana,

you will be a second rate banana.

But you can always be the finest apple!

You must realise that if you become

a second rate banana,

there will always be people

who don’t like bananas.

furthermore, you can spend your life

trying to become the best banana

which is impossible if you are an apple

or, you can try again to be the finest apple.


So in life, you decide whether you'll make an apple pie or banana bread based on the ingredients you have to hand. Those ingredients are you so use them in the way you were designed to get the best result out of your life.



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