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In an interview Darren Wooley conducted with Jeff Bullas  here, Jeff said:

"Online a lot of people don’t start or create a blog or start an online business or write content and share it with the world because they’re afraid of being wrong. They’re not willing to be vulnerable so I think there’s a really important piece to this content to keep it real. That’s what’s great about social media.

That’s what attracted me to social media was you can share your thoughts with the world without any gatekeepers but you have to be willing to be vulnerable, you have to be willing to put yourself out there and go, ‘look, this is my thoughts.’ And someone says, ‘Jeff, you have no idea, well that’s potentially the case but guess what I’m having a go’. Nothing happens until you start and I see this all the time."

Although Jeff references a blog, the point for all our content marketing is to keep it as real as you can. It’s much easier if you develop content for a personal brand, much harder when you’re trying to find the authentic voice for a company brand that is touched by many hands. This is why more companies are letting their people take to social media to find and share their voice. It takes a leap of faith in your people to let them do their thing on social media and not be constrained by corporate sign off procedures. You can set up guidelines to give your people parameters and make suggestions about what is appropriate and inappropriate. The better guidance you can give them the better result you’ll have and the more empowered they'll be in their job.

In the same interview the online game Minecraft was mentioned as a great example. The users of the game create Minecraft content, which is unique as Minecraft doesn’t create any of its own. The company runs online classes teaching teenagers how to create YouTube videos about Minecraft. I know this to be true as my son has had a go at creating some videos. In the interview it was said that "apparently about 80 to 90% of all Minecraft’s discussions happening online are done by the crowd".

Minecraft cleverly behaves as a facilitator for its audience. That’s what all big brands need to aspire to be, facilitators that bring customers together and then get out of the way. Keep that in mind as a more powerful way to connect with your customers than just serving them content that’s self serving for your company. Make your content customer centric.


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