When Repetition Is Good

I recently penned an article on the value of asking good questions because it interested me at the time - see here

When I write an article I keep a log of what I wrote, the date and the location it was posted or shared. By the way, this is basic content management practice that's best followed if you're in the habit of blogging or publishing yourself. What I noticed was that the article on the value of questions was also something I'd written about a year ago, pretty much spot on. The older article can be found here.

What surprised me was not that the heading was almost similar or that the content was unique in both versions, but more that the topic came up again. Do you find that? Find that you are drawn to certain topics repeatedly? That's what I like about writing, it's how it can highlight your interests without you even being aware. Some famous writer, whose name escapes me now, made some quote that writing was a way of finding your voice. He was right. You certainly get to find out what your interests are by writing things down.

So if you don't have a content strategy or know where to start, best approach is just to start. Best practice is to be consistent with your output, however, best to produce something and see what you find. In the process of writing you might uncover interests you didn't know you had and they might open new doors to further content ideas. It's these new content areas that can then be dissected so you can produce a calendar of related material. The advice here is to just get started or enlist some help if you're not sure. It's the process of discovery that I find satisfying. Who knows if in a year's time I'll be writing about asking questions yet again. Who knows?


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