Where Do Ideas Come From?

What to write when you've got nothing to say? 

They say if you don't have anything good to say then don't say anything at all. But what happens when you have a blog to feed and have made a commitment to feed it every month, week or even daily? Then you have to say something, anything.

Where do bloggers or content developers get their ideas from? It's a good question if you want to overcome writer's block. Where's the inspiration tap?

Like any creative endeavour, it's about starting with nothing and producing something of value. Creativity requires imagination and a whole lot of perspiration. Sure, it's hard work at times and sometimes magic just seems to happen.

So to help you create content ideas, here are some tips I gathered when searching on the topic:

  • steal from others (which inspired me to come up with this list!)
  • keep an ideas file - like an insurance policy for when the ideas aren't flowing
  • ask others - two heads are better than one right?
  • consult Google - search for topic ideas or follow a thread you might think is interesting and see where it takes you
  • dig out an old blog post and see if you can dissect it further or expand it out to create a new angle
  • top ten list - compile a list on a topic of your choice, be a curator of other's content
  • be topical - what's happening in the news? Any issue get you excited, cross or simply move you to comment?
  • do a review - perhaps you've read a good book or watched an insightful movie, share your view
  • look at what's trending - what's getting the most attention on Google search? If there's relevance for your audience, write about it
  • be inspired - look at what other bloggers are doing, notice what's working, what they write about, how they do it


So make it a practice to keep a file on the ideas you collect as they happen. I like to use Excel for this. It's a rainy day policy that will save you when you're stuck and facing a blank page. One more idea is just to start writing. That's how this blog post came about.





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