Employ Different Copywriters For More Colourful Content Marketing

What is it about being a journalist that qualifies you to write? 

The training of course! However I’m not a journalist and although I don’t have that type of training I do find myself up against journalists who cross over in the corporate copywriting space. We come from different perspectives, mine being a marketing background with a communications leaning. We both have writing experience and training; it’s just different that’s all.

What I know about writing it that no one way is the right way. It’s creative so that means it’s personal.

When it comes to producing copy for others there’s always room for a variety of different angles and styles. Particularly in the content hungry world we now live where there needs to be more than one voice to share particular perspectives. This is especially important for companies that are heavily invested in content marketing. It's no surprise that content marketing engines need to be feed content and not just any content either. If you’re managing an online content magazine then you will want a variety of writers with different styles to keep your writing fresh and more importantly, your readers engaged.

Just look at a traditional magazine, there are a variety of writers and it’s this diverse mix that adds to the appeal of most magazines. If the magazine was written solely by one person then it wouldn’t be as interesting. It probably would be snooze inducing – which is fine for insomniacs quarterly (if such a journal existed).

The truth is everyone has their favourite writers. 

We all read different books. 

The commonality is that we want a story to transport us. Stories work to engage and excite. 

Aside from what we choose to digest, we all have a different writing style and that's a good thing. How boring would it be if we all wrote the same way? 

I like looking and reading the work of others. I find it hugely inspiring to see how other writers approach the craft of writing. I read everything too, from cereal packets to advertisements on buses and frequently think about the person behind those words. Admittedly, sometimes I think 'what were they thinking!'. 

So what I’m saying is that writing can be done by many types of people, professional training notwithstanding. My best clients are those with an open mind. They have experience working with many different types of writers and know that one size doesn’t fit all. Just like with one size garments, they are shapeless without form. Keep your content marketing out of that formless space and work with a variety of copywriting talent. The more varied the background the better if you want to fill your content with colour!


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