3 ways to say NO to boring stock photography


If a picture tells a thousand words why don’t we choose our corporate images more thoughtfully?

Research exists to say you can better remember things you see than things you read.

In order to grab someone’s attention in a complex, information heavy environment, it’s necessary to make your information stand out at least ten times whatever you think necessary. Because we filter a lot of the content that we see every day, images are one of the ways we can draw people to our content. They’re part of the story whether you like it or not. Blog posts are more compelling when accompanied by a picture.

Remember to keep your images relevant to your content. Don’t shock for shock’s sake and think you’ll get away with it for long.

1. Change it up

I’m all in favour of stock photography. Unfortunately it’s becoming easier to spot the over used, and abused, stock shots. Clichéd shots of smiling people in ethnically diverse groups don’t cut it. Overused metaphors for partnerships (handshakes), strategy (signposts), and results (graphs trending up) have had their day.

The point is to use stock photography in more interesting ways so you make it your own. How do you do this? Take your image and crop, distort or recolour it.  Apply any method of abstraction or treatment to make it fit your corporate style. Just as you want your logo to identify your company, you want your images to be synonymous with your brand too.

Some go to places for paid stock images:







2. Free image libraries

If you think cost is holding you back from using good images you’re wrong. There are many online libraries where you can download free images so long as you acknowledge the source.

Some options for free image libraries:







3. Do it yourself

Another option is to unleash your creativity and take your own shots. This is easier than ever with everyone carrying a camera in their portable device of choice. If you decide to do this you’re best to set some guidelines for the types of images you’ll use. Again you can transform your photos with any of the techniques mentioned above to suit your corporate style.

No excuses for boring stock shots.


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