Economics wasn’t my strongest subject at school which explains why I don’t remember the term ‘creative destruction’ coined by economist Joseph Schumpeter in his book Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy (1942). It essentially means......

‘People are our difference’ used to be such a witty differentiator. That is, until every service organisation took to using it. The unfortunate thing is that in some workplaces it really is what distinguishes them. For others, they’re just words on the page.

No need to tear your hair out any longer when you’re trying to come up with a new idea. Whether you had success with brain storming or mind mapping in the past, you might need to try something new to get over a plateau. Staring at a blank wall waiting for inspiration is not how to go about it.

I saw it written that behaviour is communication. I also read that 93% of our communication is delivered through nuanced, indirect communication and only 7% via words. 

I admit that I don't write consistent blog posts. There's no excuse. However, 


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