Every challenge presents you with an opportunity if you care to pay attention and take the appropriate action. In similiar vein, the book The Obstacle is the Way authored by Ryan Holiday,  echoes the wisdom of stoics and philosophers of the past. Today Michael Beckwith, spiritual teacher and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California, shares his wisdom in this piece:


The topic of boredom is timely with the school holidays just started or fast approaching. If you have children in your house, or remember yourself as one, I’m sure the musical whine ‘I’m bored’ is not a foreign sound.  Even if you’re tempted to help them overcome their boredom, it’s best to let them work through it. Granted, the process of ‘working through it’ isn’t as easy as it sounds - for them or you. However, the benefits of doing so are what I’ll cover here.


You are creative. You are curious. You have to use your creativity to solve problems. You have to use your curiosity to lean into new ideas and concepts.


I have to admit I never really understood the saying ‘fake it until you make it’. I mean really understood it. Or appreciated it. For some reason it always needled me. "How could being a fraud be a good thing?" I asked while scratching my head and raising an eyebrow. Except today, as I finally figured it out. 


Seriously you don't. However you might want one. The difference is more than a word play. 


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