When you come across a quote or saying that seems to be everywhere it's easy to think there's no point in sharing it because everyone's likely seen or heard it before. However, I'm not sure who 'everyone' is.


I stumbled upon a series of quotes from humanist Carl Rogers and thought they were too good to keep to myself. Yes I realise there's an anti-positive quote movement surfacing at the moment. 


So important to understand your value and the importance of having values if you want to end up in the place that's right for you. Use your values to drive your goals, dreams or whatever possibility you dare to imagine.



If you enjoy using spices in your cooking you already understand it’s the way the spices combine that give your dish complexity. In isolation one spice doesn’t create a dish with the same magic or interest. 


Found these quotes from Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962) that are worth sharing to remind us that people are more complex than what appears on the surface. Love this widsom:


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