It's easy to limit our potential. We can hide behind 'ifs' and 'buts' rather than being inspired to act. We can blame others and take a victim approach. None of which do us any good.


I avoided watching Frozen. You know, the movie with the song Let It Go that you (I) can’t get out of your (my) head? It seems to be everywhere. However under the influence of my youngest son’s urging “when are you going to watch it?” I put it on my to-do list.


Simon Sinek says finding your 'why', our purpose for being, is better with the assistance of an outsider. Through his conduct of many ‘Why Discoveries’ with people, he frequently saw a pattern in their behaviour. 


Large organisations have the luxury of separate departments to manage the many conversations they have with their audience. Their corporate communications team looks after media, annual reports, lobby activity, and general company news. Whilst the marketing department covers their brand, product or service messages to customers, prospects, and partners, and the human resources team concentrates on the employee conversations with top management’s blessing. In reality the conversations and relationships with the internal and external audiences are all related and benefit from internal coordination to manage them best.

Although it's great if you're in a large organisation, but what happens if you don’t have multiple resources to share the communications load? 


No one I know enjoys making mistakes. On the bright side, a mistake is the easiest way to learn. These marketing mistakes have the potential to sabotage your effort. Fortunately, awareness and then correction is the best remedy.


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