How many times does something need to occur before it takes hold? Many people chase being viral but as far as I can see it's quite random what captures the public's attention. Something's hot one minute and then not. Then something else comes into focus and gets all the attention.

It’s not the first time I’ve written on this topic. I’m drawn to certain topics over and again. Now before you think that’s repetitive, what it actually is is consistent. Being consistent helps to develop a stronger voice on certain themes and to become known for key messages. The truth though is that I want to better understand why consistency matters and how it can help.

The ubiquitous funnel. That's the funnel that in business you want to fill and keep topped up. It's the funnel that sits at the top of your buyer's journey and causes your prospective buyers to slide down into your business arms where you'll look after them.

What to write when you've got nothing to say? 

I recently penned an article on the value of asking good questions because it interested me at the time - see here


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