Authenticity is about keeping it real. From a brand perspective we expect our favourite brands to practice what they preach. We expect them to stand for something and be true to that purpose. Disney, Lego, Johnson & Johnson and Greenpeace are examples of brands with a purpose.


A rich article by Kevan Lee with 27 formulas to apply to your copywriting projects. Great for content creation, long and short form.


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The world’s love of blue has remained strong since the Middle Ages. Both men and women like it. It’s a symbol of trust, loyalty, and dependability.


I started thinking about the elasticity of content after I came across some findings in the October 2014 Taking the Pulse report by the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA). This report is a benchmark of business development and marketing activity in Australasian law firms. 


Do you use language like this - I'm going to do this with them and then we'll go there?

Stop it now!


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