A recent article by Jayson DeMers in lists seven signals to help you decide if it's time to outsource some of your marketing function. Of course, don't wait until you see all seven signs before acting! Have a look at the list and check whether any apply to your business. 

1. Your revenue isn’t growing fast enough.  

2. Your marketing staff is overworked. 

3. You always seem to be running behind. 

4. Your marketing strategies are thrown together. 

5. You’re limited to a handful of channels. 

6. You focus too much on tasks and not enough on strategy. 

 7. You’re disappointed with your marketing results. 

Does this prompt you to rethink the way you manage your marketing activities? Would outsourcing help your business to get ahead?


Have you ever had a confused conversation with someone? The sort where one person thinks they’re being clear but the other person interprets what’s said in a totally different way.

This isn’t a metaphorical question (yet). Did you ever choose a book because the cover ‘spoke’ to you?

Found this terrific summary of the best psychology and philosophy books courtesy of

I'm not sure I'll get to read all of them. However, I wanted to save the list for future reference.

Hope you find something of value here too! 

If no one can see you, do you exist? Just like we question whether sound occurs when a tree falls in the forest when no one is around, your service industry business needs to check how visible it is to clients when you’re out of sight.


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