Working with clients that have vision and demand the best.

Clients use Inspirit Marketing as their secret weapon.

Inspirit Marketing clients are professionals in service industries. You might work in areas relating to law, engineering, accounting/finance, insurance, property or recruitment. Commonly clients are either leaders in a large firm, an intrapreneur, or in charge of an entrepreneurial business. Size doesn't matter, attitude and a willingness to do great work does.

Inspirit Marketing works with you to make you look good. 

Clients are typically characterised by these qualities:

  • courageous
  • value learning 
  • open minded
  • decision maker
  • action taker
  • critical thinker
  • challenge the status quo
  • keep it real
  • aim high
  • value relationships
  • value communication
  • have soul


What they said.

The testimonials are genuine, only the client details are kept confidential. Some comments relate to coaching situations and others from consulting work.

"extremely insightful" and "thought you were very observant" MS

"Your insight and guidance has been so helpful" AH

"Thanks for your work on this - was a major help to me" ELW

"Thanks for your excellent work. Great job!!" TM

"I have worked with Mary-Anne.....a great support,.....has a wonderful consultative style whilst being able to challenge thinking of senior people to achieve the best results. Her other strengths are in research, shaping messaging and writing skills." AMM

"Thanks a lot for your efforts. You always provide your insights and make recommendations. It has also been a pleasure working you and I am sure we shall continue to do so. " MR
"Thank you so much for all your brilliant help - really appreciate it." LS
"You have such a sharp eye. I am glad you are in our team.” UM

"This really has given me hope and a good nudge" DR

"You are amazing!! I love your wisdom." OK

"I truly enjoyed the session; it gave me a boost and helped me re-focus... it’s probably what I need right now; thank you!" IB

"Your patience, understanding and dedication is very appreciated.” AT



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