The Ideas Behind The Approach.

Communicate with clarity, consistency and meaning.

When working with you Inspirit Marketing follows these six core steps to maximise delivery of the service and your project success:

  1. Discovery - ensure what you want is what you need
  2. Re-Brief –confirm we understand each other
  3. Recommendation –present you with options
  4. Implementation – make it happen
  5. Measure/Assess - test the outcome and process
  6. De-Brief  - the takeaways to reinvest next time

During any engagement, the approach is always to set expectations upfront, foster open and consistent communication, apply learnings iteratively, and measure the results.

Based on experience, before you can achieve the results on the outside, in the market, you have to do the work on the inside, in your firm. Results always start within. Your internal communications are just as important as your marketing communications. Both must be aligned for maximum impact.

For best results Inspirit Marketing advocates:

  • Be real, don't imitate

  • Be curious and explore

  • Work your creativity

  • Challenge what you don't understand.

  • Ask better questions

  • Trust your feelings

  • Take action

  • Keep learning

And when working on communications projects, the approach to effective communication is to follow these classic seven 'C's':

  • complete
  • concise
  • considerate
  • concrete
  • courteous
  • clear
  • correct.


Express yourself and express your ideas.

Inspirit Marketing also promotes the communication link between personal creative expression and strategic business insights. The magic happens when the personal and business connect. After all, business is personal.

Inspirit Marketing's 3 Step Method - Another Perspective.

Simplicity is key.

  1. Reconnect with your value and values
  2. Position the value you offer internally (in your mind and firm) and externally (to others and your market) and
  3. Take action to share your value with who needs it because you have a lot to offer.



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