Create A Clear Brand Strategy

A clear brand strategy drives clear decisions and communications.

Is your brand tired, neglected or no longer representative of what your business stands for?

If yes, it's time to rethink your brand strategy, your brand identity or both. Inspirit Marketing is your brand consultant to help you maximise the value in your brand. I work as your brand specialist to marry your brand strategy to your brand execution if they are no longer speaking to each other.

I've worked with professional service firms, service businesses and entreprenuers to challenge their brand thinking and bring their brand up to date. I like nothing better than bringing clarity to brands that have lost their way through time or the influence of too many cooks all wanting a say.

Brand legends Al Ries and Laura Ries spoke the truth when they said - "A brand becomes stronger when you narrow the focus".  

I help you bring the focus back to your brand.

Build your brand strength

You probably already know that strong brands reflect strong leadership. Strong brands are prepared to stand for something, at the exclusion of everything else. Strong brands are clear on their purpose and who they're in business to serve. Inspirit Marketing is here to help you build your brand's strength.

Brand services

Inspirit Marketing works with you to uncover and harness your brand's distinctiveness through these services:

  • Brand strategy workshop
  • Brand audit
  • Manage brand identity creation or refresh with design partners
  • Brand management process review


Make the brand call

It's doesn't pay to be everything to everyone when it comes to your marketing or your brand. If you're ready, or simply curious about what more you could be doing, to amplify your brand then it's worth getting in touch.

To discuss your brand objectives call on +61 421 610 844 for a no obligation chat.


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