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Professional copywriting service for your marketing and communications projects.

Running a business is tough with all the things you need to think about. If you’re like most people you have more on than the day is long. You also have to make time for marketing and that involves thinking about how you communicate with your market. It also requires the words behind that communication. If you often find yourself side tracked by other ‘more important’ tasks, isn’t it time you considered a copywriting service to make it easier to market yourself and your business?

Did you just imagine how attractive that would be to get more done without being the one to do it all? You're not alone.

What if you could outsource the content writing you have to do for your marketing material to an experienced content producer? How would that change your day and lighten your load?

The good news

The good news is that I’ve created copy for brochures, websites, whitepapers, thought leadership papers, presentations, case studies, recruitment material and everything else in between. Basically I’ve written for any medium that requires words.  

I don’t work on one type of copy or content type but on many different types of projects. No two copywriting projects are the same because the audience, the objectives and the key messages are always different.

I’m most at home when working for professionals or business owners that need to represent themselves through the written word to their best ability. I enjoy using words to make you look good. My writing style seeks to connect with people and ensure your material connects with your audience.

So whether you have a newsletter to produce that just isn’t getting attention or a blog you really want to give more attention to, then you need meaningful words to make them work.

Let me help you craft those words and help you reclaim your time.

Time is the most precious asset you have. You can’t get it back.

Take action to make a call and discuss the project you have put off for far too long so it can get done. Today.

That’s what this copywriting service is about. Getting those ‘too hard’ projects off the ground and happening for you. I want to help you create the content that supports your marketing and communications effort and make your day just that bit easier. - Breathe deeply here - 

Reach me on 0421 610 844. Ask for Mary-Anne.

No time to call? Email instead via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll call you.

Also download this copywriting brief to guide your project planning.


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